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What is Spiritual Psychology

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The perspective of Spiritual Psychology is that we are not just simple human beings who have a soul. The higher truth is: we are Divine Beings, having a human experience.
While traditional psychology often attends to isolated issues and disorders, Spiritual Psychology emphasizes what is whole in the client.  Focusing on what is whole allows us to recognize untapped resources to deal with our difficulties and provides a natural movement towards wholeness.

Spiritual Psychology is based on Humanistic Psychology and Empathy as taught by Carl Rogers and makes use of a great variety of methods from the most advanced theories of modern psychology. Gestalt therapy and Psycho-synthesis, Systemic Therapy, Parents- and Trans-generational approaches, are just a few of the methods taught.
All these theories of modern psychology are taught and applied from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, which makes the school’s approach unique!
Students in the European Academy of Spiritual Psychology, embark on a journey of spiritual unfolding, a journey towards themselves, that will enliven and benefit every part of their lives, both personally and in their professional life.

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