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JACQUES PENNERSSpiritual Psychologist, Facilitator, Therapist, Author, Marketing- and Business Consultant, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer


1985/1986 – Bachelor in Marketing, Netherlands, Institute for Marketing
2001/2003 – Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monika, California, USA
2009/2010 – Integral Systemic Constellations: Integralis Institute, Hamburg



After an international career in marketing and publishing, switched his focus to personal development and modern applied psychology. Over 10 years of experience assisting in personal development seminars like Insight Seminars, Essence Seminars, Marshall Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication, Family Constellations etc.
Worked as a creative therapist, systemic therapist and group therapist in the famous holistic and spiritually oriented Heiligenfeld Clinic, Bad Kissingen Germany. In charge of the family constellations of the patients.
Worked for several years in his own practice as a systemic and holistic therapist, near Hamburg, Germany.
Recently developed an original approach and currently leading own personal development seminars all over Europe, in Istanbul, Turkey and Auroville, India. Trips to USA, Mexico and Canada are planned. Founder of the European Academy of Spiritual Psychology, opening its doors in September 2013 in Mádara, Bulgaria.


- Spiritual Psychology
- Systemic Therapy and Constellations
- Empathy/Humanistic Psychology “A Way of Being” – Carl Rogers
- “Psychology of Vision”, relationship model by Chuck Spezzano
- “Conscious Loving” – the relationships work of Gay and Kathleen Hendricks
- Integral Psychology of Ken Wilber – Holon Theory
- Psycho Genealogy – Anne Schutzenberger
- Psycho-synthesis – Roberto Assigioli
- Gestalt Therapy – Fritz Perls
- Provocative Therapy
- Metaphysics by Florence Scovel Shinn – “The Game of Life”
- “The Work” – by Byron Katie
- “Non-Violent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg
- Spiritual Teachings of India and the Science of Yoga, especially Paramahansa Yogananda
- Meta-Medicine by Claudia Rainville: every symptom carries a message. Realtionship between symptoms and underlying emotional and mental disharmony

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