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The Healing Power of Family Constellations

spirit "Family Constellations" are a powerful method to harmonize and heal tensions in family and relationships and make peace with the past, including the traumas from our parents’ and previous generations! These constellations work energetically and have potential for very deep healing.

Often I observe tremendous positive changes in people after participating in their own or someone else's constellation.


You may choose to work with a current issue or heal something from the past, maybe something that has been painful for a long time and you wish to resolve and leave behind!

In the constellation, you may gain great insights and a deep understanding, allowing you to integrate and let go of these old wounds.

About the method: a family constellation is similar to a sculpture that portrays the people, dynamics and relationships in your family. The purpose of the constellations is harmonizing and bringing increased order to the system. By doing so, the life and overall conditions of the participant - and often those he is associated with - can be substantially improved. A systemic constellation represents the way you see your world at the time.

In the workshop setting, you will choose other participants to represent your family member and arrange them as you see their relationship to each other. (to visualize this, simply compare the constellation to a human chess board) As you place people, you will begin to observe from the outside; from this you gain new perspective about the reality you live in. This alone has a great transformational power. As we continue our work in the constellation we make use of a phenomenon: the “knowing field”. The representatives in the constellation begin to feel and think like the people they represent. By asking them and the participant certain questions and by “rearranging” the sculpture, new insights and an increased harmony can be accomplished. At the end of the constellation, the individual (and often also those who represented people in the family) has created a new “Inner Reality”! As this new way of seeing the world develops, the participant finds that his life conditions become aligned with this new “Inner Reality.”

"When you change the way you look at things - the things you look at will change!" - The Tao

In my work with people in the clinic as well as in my seminars, I have found this healing potential of such family constellations to be unparalleled. In the hands of the skilled therapist, they are extremely powerful, beneficial and life changing. The participants walk away with immediate and lasting benefits!

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