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The Power of Being Yourself– Living the Cinderella Experience

white rose“It is only when we start to become who we truly are, that we can experience a natural sense of flow and magic in our lives. Shakespeare refers to this in his famous Hamlet quote: “To thy own Self be true…” . In my work I refer to it as “The Cinderella Experience


Every soul is unique and everybody carries a lump of gold inside him/herself that is waiting to be discovered. The only way to experience this "gold" is by becoming who you really are and by letting go of "who you are not": the learned behaviors, protection, false concepts of self, old family beliefs and the fear of "not being enough".

Most people resist who they are, not really liking themselves very much. They suppress their own personalities and put on masks, pretending to be who they are not and feeling that they are not good or not enough as “themselves.” They are also resisting the way others are! Imagine what the effect of this is on our relationships! When we let go of this “false resistance”, Magic Happens as pointed to by Florence Scovel Shinn: “Nothing in this world can resist an absolutely non-resisting person”

The “Cinderella Experience” will help you change the present reality by looking at the gold hidden inside! Once you tune into "who you REALLY are", you find the " glass shoes" that fit you, you will see for yourself that you are enough and your life will begin to turn into magic. This is where you start your own, personal, Cinderella Experience! What it is like, to have your own Cinderella experience? It is different and unique for everyone. But there are common elements:

You will feel completely yourself – you will experience and radiate a sense of naturalness, lightness of heart, of joy and flow.

You will start to really like and love yourself and this way you attract the best from others, since your life is a mirror of how you see yourself!

You will have much better relationships! People will love you for who you “really are” whereas you experienced difficulties when you wore a mask or a false personality

Magic: things start “happening” by themselves, your hopes and dreams start manifesting and you will find your life taking on a new meaning. This may include positive changes in the area of finances and relationships.

In the seminar we will explore each person’s unique Cinderella experience and find out what roles or unique talents are most natural and promising in terms of happiness, success and all-round well-being of the individual. We will also explore some of the obstacles and find ways to step into the Cinderella Experience in spite of them. We will clear personal blocks and unhealthy old family beliefs by very effective constellations. Removing such obstacles that no longer serve us, we are creating the space to move into energetic freedom.


  • This seminar will help you to find a new orientation towards yourself and your life, to find a new approach to happiness and new ways to achieve goals!
  • Increased self love and self acceptance, better relationships, more lightness and flow are a natural result when you become more of “who you are”!
  • By letting go of who you are not and what does not belong to you (any longer) you are inviting what is most naturally present already, waiting to be discovered.
  • Embracing yourself, you discover the “hidden gold”. Loving yourself, you will enter the high road to success and find your very own destiny and mission within!


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