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The Secret Dynamics of Happy Relationships

happyHappy relationships are a vital resource for true happiness in life! Janaka’s powerful workshop is designed to help you improve all your relationships, with an emphasis on love relationships.


By learning to see hidden dynamics that influence the quality of your love relationships, you will gain amazing new insights. This is empowering and freeing: you can decide to make new choices and experience a whole new dimension in relationships! By applying the principles taught in this workshop, happiness and love can be lasting!

The two-day seminar is based upon the teachings of various American experts, such as Chuck Spezzano, Carl Rogers and Gay and Kathleen Hendrix and off course Janaka’s own experience as a systemic therapist. Systemic constellations will be part of the work in the seminar!

The workshop will be fun, with a positive, joyous atmosphere and lots of interaction with other participants, who may become your new friends!

Topics included:

The power of being yourself – authenticity versus wearing masks
The “mirror aspect” of relationship
Self-love versus demanding love from the other
Completion: forgiveness and letting go of past relationships
Freeing your relationships from the "frozen images" that you carry from your parent’s relationship
Invisible inheritances - dealing with unseen influences from the past generations
Balance in relationships
Physical, mental and spiritual aspects of relationships
Empathy: living the power of “heart-centered” communication.
The Power of prizing (heart-felt appreciation)
Choice and the power of commitment
Independence versus dependence
Co-Dependence versus co-commitment
Loyalty versus promiscuity

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