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About the Education

European Academy of Spiritual Psychology:  Education for Life

The focus of the education is on personal development; the paradigm is that when people grow, they begin to heal.
The education is soul-centered, which means that we look at human behavior and life’s issues from the spiritual perspective, that we are Divine Beings having a human experience
We combine advanced knowledge and best methods of modern Psychology and Metaphysics. The education is based on “learning by doing”.
Students can process and heal their own personal life issues during the class work and at the same time they acquire knowledge, understanding and extremely valuable interpersonal skills.
The Goal of the education is to aid students in experiencing, identifying and expressing the divine being – who they really are - while playing their human roles.

Some of the spiritual and psychological principles applied are:
* Empathy
* Non-judgement
* Acceptance
* Mind over matter
* Soul over mind
* Honor your father and mother
* Be true to yourself

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