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European Academy of Spiritual Psychology

logoThe European Academy of Spiritual Psychology is dedicated to the personal development and spiritual growth of its students. The best and most advanced concepts of modern psychology are taught in combination with methods from metaphysics and true spirituality.
Those with an empathic heart and with a healthy, integrated personality are destined to become compassionate and capable leaders in their respective areas and will be able to contribute to society on a much higher level.

The Academy educates students to move beyond any limiting beliefs and release their full potential.  Self-love and healthy self-expression are bridges to experiencing our nature as Divine Beings. We are children of God, we can accomplish much more than we think we can!
The combination of Modern Applied Psychology, Metaphysics and True Spirituality creates a new dimension to learning, benefitting all areas of life!
All materials are presented in a compact and highly practical form, so they can be easily assimilated in a relatively short period of time.
The method is learning by doing. Participation in over 100 standard trio sessions within the first year gives the students a profound experience and understanding of the counseling process and methods applied. The skills learned are of great value and benefit to professional life, particularly for those who work with people. The learning also serves as a medium to heal and integrate personal life issues in a fast- and balanced -process of transformation.

 There are no special requirements to become a student.  The courses are for anyone interested in applying psychological concepts to daily life. Motivation and openness to learning in combination with willingness to do significant personal work is required, to get maximum benefit.
Professionals such as human resources specialists, beginning psychologists, teachers and managers, medical personnel, social workers, or sales people will find the skills they acquire extremely helpful in their work with people.
Parents will find the education of great benefit for tutoring their children. A profound healing in all areas of relationships is likely to occur, which is why the benefits will extend to the family members of the students!


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