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First Year Program

SP-3: THE ART OF HUMAN COMMUNICATION - methods, skills, processing.

First year course program

People around the globe are seeking an awakening of soul awareness and wish to find greater meaning in life. The European Academy of Spiritual Psychology offers education that meets these requirements. The academy uses a unique approach, combining methods of Modern Applied Psychology, Metaphysics and True Spirituality.
The Academy is offering education for life - today it gives the Education of the New Age, the Psychology of the future – what we do not learn in school. Students will find greater meaning and purpose in life and by applying the principles taught, they will find their lives transformed.
The following courses are given in the first year in the form of seven modules of 3 days:

Foundations of Spiritual Psychology: (SP-1)

This course introduces students to the Concepts and Principles of Spiritual Psychology.
The foremost principle of Spiritual Psychology is that we are not “struggling” human beings who have a soul, the higher truth is: we are Divine Beings, having a human experience. This is a paradigm change of perspective!
Personal development is the motor of human evolution. The focus in the Academy is on personal development. When students start exploring their divine potential, start expressing themselves, transformation happens naturally.
In the Academy we explore spiritual, psychological and metaphysical approaches to truth. This holistic approach offers the student many shortcuts to speed up human evolution. Growth and Healing are one and the same process: when people grow, they become coherent to their life purpose and they begin to heal!

Some of the principles taught in Spiritual Psychology are:

- Physical world reality exists solely for the purpose of human evolution.
- Keeping a soul centered perspective means, learning how to live one's life within the Context of Universal Spiritual Reality as contrasted with small-self, ego-centered reality
- When we keep a learning orientation to life at all times, we can keep our sanity, if we take life’s experiences too serious, we will get hurt
- The journey is the goal. We distinguish between the learning line and the goal line in our attempts to create success in the world.
- We become mediators in our own consciousness. The way we react to the things that happen to us is vital and the only thing we can have dominion over. If we choose to be happy, no one else and nothing can make us unhappy
- The way we deal with ourselves as we go through an issue is the real issue.
- Healing is the application of loving to the parts inside that feel hurt.
- Auto-aggression or self denial is the root cause of all problems
- Choosing to be Happy rather than choosing to be right is an attitude that sets one free from harmful dynamics of “Victimhood” and “Upset Looking for Because”
- We create all of life’s experiences and everything happens for a reason: Taking one hundred per cent responsibility is the key to freedom
- Healthy human being: well connected to self, others and to God.
- Healthy boundaries are vital for success, happiness and healthy relationships: we learn to distinguish between „my business”, „your business”, „God’s business”.

Karmic aspects: invisible inheritances, three shadows, shadow integration, transference and projections.

The Art of Human Communication: (SP-2)

Students will be taught a wide variety of interpersonal skills. These address simultaneously all levels of human communication:  heart, mind and the intuitive or spiritual dimension of relationships.
The methods taught will be practiced in various roles in small group processes, in so called “standard trio format”. Students learn “Soul-Centered” basic skills, such as:  Heart Centered Listening, Seeing the Loving Essence, Prizing, Reframing Issues as Blessings, Perception Checking, Choice and Ownership; Facilitating Responsibility etc.!
Through this practice, students will experience lasting positive changes in relationship with self and improved quality of communication and connectedness with others! This will enrich the student’s personal and professional life and help him/her to establish meaningful, loving and long lasting relationships and successful partnerships.
Mutual sharing in large group, after the individual processes, widens one’s horizon and enables one to learn from each other’s experiences and processes.

Main Benefit: The student will improve his communication skills, empowering him to create meaningful, heart-centered relationships, both in professional and personal life!

Counseling Techniques and Methods: (SP-3)

This module provides students with basic theory and knowledge of methods and counseling theories of modern Psychology, seen and applied from the perspective of Spiritual Psychology.
The course is specially designed to provide students with a practical working knowledge of, and appreciation for, the “giants” in the field of psychology including Rogers, Perls, Ellis, and Assagioli. Theories included are Person Centered Approach, Gestalt Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, NLP and Psycho-synthesis.
This education gives the student a deep understanding and insight in what motivates human behavior, including one’s own! It provides foundational principles and tools for learning to effectively work one’s process. Part of the education is the processing and healing of one’s own issues and history, which will free up a great deal of creative potential and release blocked energy!
The theories are presented in such a way that it assists students in developing, clarifying, and integrating their own approaches to working with themselves and others within the framework of Spiritual Psychology.

Main Benefit: Provides basic theory of the counseling methods and practical, hands on experience that can be applied immediately both professionally and in one’s personal life. Students learn to do process work and process their own issues and get valuable experience in various roles in the counseling process.
Practice of these counseling techniques and interpersonal skills will speed up and benefit both the professional and the personal development of the students.

Metaphysics (Met-1)

This module provides the student with invaluable knowledge about the metaphysical principles and laws that govern life.
Material used in this course is taken from the book “The Seven Dynamics of Positive Change. ”These dynamics” have great power - leverage effect - to free human life from karmic influences.
Each one of the Seven Dynamics represents a metaphysical law or governing principle of life. In fact, these “Seven Dynamics” are so powerful, that they will produce nothing less than miracles in the student’s life!
When the student applies these dynamics and does the metaphysical work on himself, he will find that his life, which is a mirror reflecting his inner world, has already changed!

The seven dynamics:

1. Mind: Feng Shui for the Mind

The powerful working of the mind shapes life’s circumstances and experiences. Whatever is kept in the focus of the mind becomes a centrifugal force. By its rate of vibration this force attracts things, people and circumstances- this is how we create our own world of experiences in the three dimensional world, write script for the movie of our own life!
Feng Shui for the Mind is the art of tuning the mind positive so that it will create and attract harmonious experiences.
Topics include: The Power of Intention, Your Focus Determines Your Reality, Reframing, Power of Positive Thinking, Wonder Mind - Wonder Affirmations, Power of Innocent Mind, Conscious, Subconscious and Super-conscious Mind.

2. Identity: The Power of Being Yourself

“To Thy own self be true” – William Shakespeare
There is no better version of you than when you are just you! To be authentic means to “own your power.” True Self-expression creates natural flow and synchronicity. When you begin to live your uniqueness, the magic experience of “Cinderella”, - the hidden gold inside you - begins to unfold. This flow and synchronicity, it is the way life is meant to be! Clear and unobstructed Self Identity is a vital key for having a great life!
The focus of the work is on clearing gender, name, nationality and other identity conflicts and exploring Self-expression, based on identifying what is unique about you; your “Cinderella” quality.

3. “Honor your Father and Mother”

This Bible quote refers to a deep metaphysical law. Your life will not work to the extent that the relationship with your parents is not healed! When you have reverence for your parents, your masculine line (for men) or female line (women) is healed and energy flow restored. Once this is accomplished, the power of your ancestors and positive energy can freely flow into you and through you!
The “healing” and acceptance of parents needs to happen on the energetic level not just mental and reach into the various layers of the subconscious mind, to remove all “blocks”.
To accomplish this, Systemic Constellations especially designed for this are a simple yet powerful and magical tool.

4. Acceptance: The Power of Acceptance

“Nothing on earth can resist an absolutely non-resistant person” Florence Shinn
Outer experiences are a reflection of inner reality. What we resist, what we have not accepted or come to terms with, keeps on happening in our life.
It was Albert Einstein who discovered that a vehicle without resistance reaches light speed. Likewise, when we live in the dynamic of non-resistance, this will be reflected in our life. A person, who carries no resistance, will experience a natural sense of flow and synchronicity.
Acceptance is a metaphysical power that attracts flow and favorable circumstances, while a holding attitude brings things to a standstill. When we learn to really let go, a new springtime will appear.

5. Initiative: The Power of Divine Initiative

By the quality of Divine Initiative within you, you can defeat every invasion of „fate“ created by your own past wrong actions and march victoriously into paradise! Paramahansa Yogananda
Divine Initiative is a creative faculty, a spark of the Infinite Creator within each one of us. The great uniqueness of God’s power in us is latent or dormant until we begin to enliven it by stepping into the power of “who we really are”.
When we start expressing Divine Initiative, the Divine Mind begins to flow consciously through us and work through us. We will begin to see that we are Divine Beings having a human experience.
When we begin to apply “Divine Initiative” and do everything consciously, in Co-Creation with the “Divine”, our life turns into pure magic. We become aware of the Divine Plan for our life and this Divine Plan begins to unfold. The more we express the creativity of our God given talents, the more the Divine Mind begins to express itself through us and evolution is speeded up, a hundred times.
6. Attitude: Power of Right Attitude

Ultimately, our happiness does not depend on what happens to us, it depends on how we choose to react to the things that happen to us;
The way we look at things and how we react to circumstances and situations, is called attitude. Our attitude is vital, because ultimately it is our attitude that determines whether we will be happy in life. Right attitude provides the quality of balance in life. Balance is metaphysical principle, a spiritual faculty, that will put everything in order in life.
By keeping a positive focus and continuously making positive choices, by applying the power of initiative, we can influence outcomes and change our destiny even in them idst of trying circumstances. By overcoming the trials of life, we develop the true soul quality of heroism.
Contents: Gratitude is a magnet which will attract more good! Non-Attachment, acting without desire or attachment to the fruits of action creates flow in life. Maintaining a learning attitude towards life keeps us free from attachment. Forgiveness: letting go of resentment creates flow. Attachment, tuning one’s mind to one channel, only blocks things. When we fine-tune all the attitudes in our mind, they form a positive magnet and our life will develop positive dynamics!

7. The Spiritual Dimension

Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality. If you love God, the source of all things manifested, God’s creation will harmoniously assist you and mirror back to you favorable circumstances and happiness.
Attunement to the Divine (God) is what changes the rules of the game! Everything else will disappoint you and happiness will evade you, if you neglect this one relationship!
Our highest demand is for the Divine Plan of our Life (Florence Shinn). This Divine Plan includes happiness, health, abundance and perfect Self-Expression. It requires attunement with the Divine.
The “ultimate happiness” does not come as a result of anything we do; it is given to us as grace - unmerited blessings and favor of God.
Purpose, meaning and happiness can go together; they meet in the attitude of loving God. Fun, happiness, joy, creativity, love, and a sense of humor radiate from any person who loves God inside. Loving God is the most practical and successful approach to life, even for atheists. When we do everything for God and consciously serve other souls-seva- it frees the soul from bondage.
Meditation on God, going deep into the silence is healing and has greatest power of transformation. Loving God means continually “Living in the Divine Presence” This state then gradually turns into Bliss consciousness and the state of Self Realization. This is the ultimate goal of every human being: to reclaim his Divine inheritance as a Divine Being.
Methods included and taught in this module are:
Meditation - concentration on God, intuition to feel the Divine within
Practicing the Presence, taking the divine name, mantras.
Seeing God in everything and in all people and circumstances
Looking at self & world around you through eyes of compassion

Systemic Therapy: (Sys-1)

Reclaiming the power of your ancestors: Parents Work - healing the inner image and energy around one’s parents is vital for happiness in life and an extremely powerful method of transformation.
The relationship we have with our father and mother is the model for all other relationships with men and women! Therefore, an attitude of Non-resistance towards the parents creates flow in our relationships and all areas of life.
When the parents are respected, it gives us access to our family roots, which contain all the power of our ancestors, a reservoir of vital resources for a successful life! By accepting our parents and attaining an attitude of reverence and respect towards those who gave us the gift of life, we clear our path through life of many obstacles.

Course objective: The goal of this course is to help students gain deeper insight into the way they see and relate to their parents which is vitally important in facilitating the healing of the parental relationships.  In particular, the course focuses on stored memories of early life experiences related to the parents that caused limiting interpretations of reality that obstruct happy and fulfilling relationships in the present!

Contents: Our relationship with our father and mother and the way we perceive the relationship between them is vital and has a huge impact on the way we will experience relationships ourselves. It also influences happiness, prosperity and our satisfaction with the overall quality of life.

When there is any kind of ‘energetic’ disturbance in the relationship with the parents or there were major problems between the parents, it will be reflected in our relationships and life’s circumstances, until we manage to heal these wounds! (Outer world reality is a reflection of our inner reality.)
Life and life’s circumstances are mirroring (reflecting) back to us the way we see the world and how we feel about ourselves as well as how we “perceived” the quality of the relationship between our parents! A lot of this ‘software’ was created from early life experiences with the parents, that we have forgotten and these remain unconscious and hidden. We may still be running outdated programs, from our relationship with our parents, from past wounds and traumas that limit our present relationships, our freedom and the full expression of life.
In “Parents work” we aim to neutralize and integrate such painful experiences from the past and to free the inner relationship with our parents from any burden.
Conditions for the process of “Healing the Parents”: True healing requires an inner attitude of willingness to let go of resentment and any demand on the parents. True acceptance is a pre-requisite for the healing process; an attitude of “forgiveness” is required to allow transformation to happen. Without it, when one is still “fighting” the parents, demanding things to be different, grace cannot enter the process!
Grace is simply the power of love that facilitates healing, when there are no longer obstacles that obstruct the healing process. When we remove these obstacles, we allow grace to do its work!
Healing our relationships with the “parents” must happen on an energetic level, for which we can use the method of Family Constellations.

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