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Methods of Education

We distinguish four major ways of learning:


From books, theories and teachers, that can be directly applied.
It can be assimilated simultaneously through various channels:
heart – mind – soul (intuitive faculty).

2.PROCESS WORK - Energetic Cleansing

Process work is energy work with biography, applying skills and tools provided by the education. This therapeutic practice is priceless and life changing, worth several years of individual therapy!
It requires a willingness to do significant work and is supported by the special energy field in the academy ( + special guidance” from the 2-nd floor )
Process work is done in groups of three. The larger group of students, consisting of many trios equals more energy available for the process work in each trio. (Such a large field of processing trio-units is conducive for healing)

3.SHARING - learning from each other’s experiences

There is tremendous value coming from individuals sharing after their trio sessions. Education comes not only from teachers/facilitators and theories studied, but a lot of learning comes from the valuable contributions of the group members! Wisdom and knowledge is in every place in the field!


Homework consists of 2 parts: obligatory (A) and voluntary(B)
Homework A focuses on your personal learning and process. Questions may sound like this:

1.What happened in your life, in the past month since the last module?
2.What significant insights and understanding did I get from the last module?
3.What did I apply from what I have learned? How did I apply it?
4.What are my new challenges? Outer Challenges? Inner Challenges?
5.In what ways am I learning to better take care of myself during such challenges?

Homework B is voluntary. It is more “classical style homework”, questions related to knowledge, methods and skills, and contents of the education. You will receive questionnaires and you will share your learning with a partner student. (buddy)

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