white roseThe life you always wanted is waiting for you!

“The Seven Dynamics of Positive Change” is a Spiritual Psychology seminar about transformation.
Each one of the Seven Dynamics represents a metaphysical law or governing principle of life. In fact, these “Seven Dynamics” are so powerful, that they will produce nothing less than miracles in your life!

Feng Shui for the Mind

The powerful working of your mind shapes your life’s circumstances and experiences.

The Power of Being Yourself

“To Thy own self be true” – William Shakespeare
Self-acceptance goes with a clear concept of self, a clear sense of who you really are. Identity is a vital key for having a great life!
There is no better version of you than when you are just you!

Honor your Father and Mother

Your life will not work to the extent that the relationship with your parents is not healed! This Bible quote refers to a deep metaphysical law.
When you make peace with your parents in your heart and respect them, you will not only remove many obstacles from your life, but through your parents, you receive access to the power of your ancestors.

The Power of Acceptance

“Nothing on earth can resist an absolutely non-resistant person” - Florence Shinn

Our life is a mirror which reflects our inner attitudes. When we carry resistance, or unfinished business inside, it creates problems that are reflected in our life on the outside. Acceptance creates flow and invokes positive situations and favorable circumstances

The Power of Divine Initiative

By the quality of Divine Initiative within you, you can defeat every invasion of „fate“ created by your own past wrong actions and march victoriously into paradise!! - Paramahansa Yogananda.

Power of Right Attitude

It is we who made of life what it is. By our attitudes.
Right attitude provides the quality of balance in life and balance puts everything in order. This is how life becomes stronger and more beautiful; as it is meant to be.

The Spiritual Dimension

Attunement with “The Divine” creates flow and synchronicity. That is why the practice of loving God is the most powerful dynamic to creating a happy life!