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The Power of Acceptance

“Nothing on earth can resist an absolutely non-resistant person” - Florence Shinn

Our life is a mirror which reflects our inner attitudes. When we carry resistance, or unfinished business inside, it creates problems that are reflected in our life on the outside. Acceptance creates flow and invokes positive situations and favorable circumstances

Acceptance means to make peace with what is: with ourselves, with others and with what happens in our lives. What we resist persists. What we resist, what we have not accepted or come to terms with, keeps on happening in our life.
We cannot heal what we are fighting in our mind. We can only change it when we have first accepted it.
Judgments are the most expensive thoughts. Judging other people, events, ourselves as bad creates disharmony in our relationships and stumbling blocks on our own path.
Forgiveness is the art of making peace with and accepting what happened. Letting go of and accepting what has happened creates freedom and lightness of heart!
Acceptance also means the “Power of Goodbye!” Holding onto attitudes blocks flow in life and we get stuck.  When we really let go, a person, a job, a relationship, springtime will appear!

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