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The Spiritual Dimension

Attunement with “The Divine” creates flow and synchronicity. That is why the practice of loving God is the most powerful dynamic to creating a happy life!

Your life is a mirror. If you love God, the source of all things, God’s creation will harmoniously assist you and mirror back to you favorable circumstances that produce happiness.
Attunement to the Divine (God) is what changes the rules of the game!
Everything else will disappoint you and happiness will evade you, if you neglect this relationship! Harmonious and loving human relationships also require a good connection with “The Divine” because we are connected with each other in God!
Our highest demand is for the Divine Plan of our Life” - Florence Shinn
The Divine Plan includes happiness, health, abundance and perfect Self-Expression. We need to cooperate with the Divine to unfold the Divine Plan for our life!
The “ultimate happiness” does not come as a result of anything we do; it is given to us as grace - unmerited blessings and favor of God
Contents: In “The Spiritual Dimension” you will gain tremendous insights to change your life for good. Purpose, meaning and happiness can go together, they meet in the attitude of loving God. Fun, happiness, joy, creativity, love, and a sense of humor radiate from any person who loves God inside. Loving God is a the most practical and successful approach to life, even for atheists.

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