Tuesday, 09 July 2013 13:48


The Power of Being Yourself

“To Thy own self be true” – William Shakespeare
Self-acceptance goes with a clear concept of self, a clear sense of who you really are. Identity is a vital key for having a great life!
There is no better version of you than when you are just you!

To be authentic means to “own your power.”  Wearing masks is a “failure method.”
Self-expression creates natural flow and synchronicity. This turns into magic, the state of Cinderella that you are seeking.
When you begin to live your uniqueness, the magic experience of “Cinderella”, - the hidden gold inside you - begins to unfold. This Cinderella experience with flow and synchronicity, it is the way life is meant to be!
The focus of the work is on clearing gender, name, nationality and other identity conflicts and exploring Self-expression, based on identifying what is unique about you; your “Cinderella” quality.

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