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The Power of Divine Initiative

By the quality of Divine Initiative within you, you can defeat every invasion of „fate“ created by your own past wrong actions and march victoriously into paradise!! - Paramahansa Yogananda.

Divine Initiative is a creative faculty, a spark of the Infinite Creator within each one of us. The great uniqueness of God’s power in us is latent or dormant until we begin to enliven it by stepping into the power of “who we really are”.
When we start expressing Divine Initiative, the Divine Mind begins to flow consciously through us and work through us. We will begin to see that we are Divine Beings having a human experience.
“Man is a goal seeking creature and if he doesn’t have a goal, he disintegrates!”
When we have a goal and begin to apply “Divine Initiative” and do everything consciously, in Co-Creation with the “Divine”, our life turns into pure magic. We become aware of the Divine Plan for our life and this Divine Plan begins to unfold. The more we express the creativity of our God given talents, the more the Divine Mind begins to express itself through us and evolution is speeded up a hundred times. This is the high road to happiness. Expressing God’s power through us, we are fulfilled beyond words and attunement to the Divine is a natural result.
Topics: Life has given you mental dynamics to break free from limiting circumstances. You possess the powers of thought, initiative and will; Learn to utilize to the utmost these Divine Gifts! And learn the fine art of co-creation. Of doing things together with God! Tune yourself to the Divine Will and you will find success beyond your wildest dreams.

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