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white roseThe life you always wanted is waiting for you!

“The Seven Dynamics of Positive Change” is a Spiritual Psychology seminar about transformation.
Each one of the Seven Dynamics represents a metaphysical law or governing principle of life. In fact, these “Seven Dynamics” are so powerful, that they will produce nothing less than miracles in your life!

When you apply these dynamics and do the metaphysical work on yourself, you will find that your life, which is a mirror reflecting your inner world, has already changed!!
“The Seven Dynamics” have great power - leverage effect - to free your life from karmic influences.
When you learn how to use these dynamics and implement them in your life, you will quickly see the results as your life improves for the better.

The seven dynamics:

MIND: Feng Shui for the Mind
IDENTITY: The Power of Being Yourself
PARENTS: Honor your Father and Mother
ACCEPTANCE The Power of Non-Resistance
INITIATIVE: Co-creation and Divine Initiative
RIGHT ATTITUDE: The Power of Right Attitude
ATTUNEMENT: The Spiritual Dimension


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