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Honor your Father and Mother

Your life will not work to the extent that the relationship with your parents is not healed! This Bible quote refers to a deep metaphysical law.
When you make peace with your parents in your heart and respect them, you will not only remove many obstacles from your life, but through your parents, you receive access to the power of your ancestors.

Judging your parents, means placing yourself over your parents.
This is a “failure method,” creating many problems in life and relationships!
When have reverence for your parents, your masculine line (for men) or female line (women) is healed and energy flow restored. Once this is accomplished, the power of your ancestors and positive energy can freely flow into you and through you!
The “healing” of parents needs to happen on the energetic level and reach into the various layers of the subconscious mind, to remove all “blocks”. To accomplish this, Systemic Constellations especially designed for this are a simple yet powerful and magical tool.

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